Peer Navigation Program

What Are Peer Navigators?

Peer navigators are staff who are experienced in the HIV continuum of care and can provide psychosocial support.

How Can Peer Navigators Help?

Peer navigators can help those who do and who do not qualify for case management. They are an excellent source of moral support and guidance.

They provide aid in regards to linkage and referral, as well as navigating through the treatment process.


Who Can Receive Help From a Peer Navigator

Peer Navigators are available to help those whoa re recently diagnosed with HIV by offering life experiences and guiding through the complex medical system.

Peer Navigators are also available for those who have been living with HIV and are new to the area, or new to treatment, to help reach and maintain the goal of being undetectable.


Project Response, Inc. is a lifeline for people living with HIV/AIDS on the Space and Treasure Coasts. As an HIV/AIDS organization and case management agency, Project Response strives to provide the essential services that its clients need to manage HIV disease successfully.