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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is medication taken by HIV negative individuals in order to prevent acquiring the disease.  Prophylaxis treatment is taken daily.  When taken correctly, Prophylaxis has a 95% of preventing HIV transmission.  Prophylaxis is intended for those who may be or consider themselves at high risk.  To receive prophylaxis treatment an individual must book an appointment to receive consultation and prescription. Contact the clinic for further information.


Non occupational post exposure prophylaxis (NPEP)

Non occupational post exposure prophylaxis (NPEP) is available for those who believe they were exposed to HIV.  This is a medical emergency.  Patients need to call the clinic immediately and will be provided with information and directions to receive treatment to prevent the acquiring of HIV.  NPEP has a 72 hour window period post exposure before it is ineffective. Do not delay contacting the clinic if you think you have been exposed.

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