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Project Response is an HIV/AIDS service organization dedicated to providing quality case management services, prevention education, and HIV testing to communities on the Space and Treasure coasts of Florida.


Like all HIV/AIDS Service organizations, Project Response involves itself in the communities that it serves, and invites the public to participate in its events. On these pages you can learn more about our upcoming events, the services we offer, how to support our work, and where else to go for information and community services. Thank you for your interest in Project Response.

Over the past year, Project Response has been hit with severe budget cuts in the areas of food and client services. We have lost over $50,000 in food services and over $20,000 in client services. If you can help any donation is appreciated. Project Response is a 501(c)3 organization.


Project Response Goal: To send 28 children affected by HIV/AIDS to camp from Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Martin Counties. We also are raising funds for our ongoing care of families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Full Sponsorship of one child: $450.00 & Half Sponsorship of one child: $225.00 of course a donation in any amount will help. You can make your donation below or Click Here to download a sponsor form. You can also mail your donations to: Project Response. Mail Attn: Sponsor A Child/Project Response 745 S. Apollo Blvd, Melbourne FL 32901

If you can sponsor a child or hold a fundraiser please Contact Us. Learn more about Camp Heart Land: Surplus donations will be added to our general fund to aid Children, Families and Individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Over 1,400 men, women, and children on the Space and Treasure Coasts depend on Project Response to be their lifeline to HIV/AIDS services. You can make a difference in the lives of these men, women, and children by making a tax-deductible donation to Project Response today.

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  • Contributions to Project Response are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The mission of Project Response is two-fold:

We work to enhance the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. Building upon a foundation of quality case management, we strive to open all available avenues to improved health, well being, and personal development for our clients.

We work to prevent further spread of the disease; reduce the fear, ignorance, and discrimination surrounding AIDS; and increase community support and compassion for those affected by AIDS.


Project Response was founded in 1990. Like many an HIV/AIDS organization, Project Response began as a grass roots volunteer agency that operated from shared office space. Today from two main offices and five satellite offices, the agency serves over 1,400 case management clients in Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Okeechobee Counties

Through five case management programs, Project Response links clients to medical care, pharmaceuticals, dental care, mental health counseling, and substance abuse counseling. The agency provides rent, mortgage, and utilities assistance; emergency financial assistance; food pantry services; insurance continuation services; and transportation.

In addition, Project Response provides HIV prevention services and HIV counseling, testing, and linkage services. The agency works to counter the destructive effects of HIV-related stigma through community partnerships and appearances at special events.

Project Response is funded through the Ryan White CARE Act, Florida Medicaid, Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA), the Florida Department of Health, United Way of Brevard County, United Way of St. Lucie County, Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Allegany Franciscan Foundation, Altria Corp., and the generosity of individual donors.

I would like to take a moment to write about Project Response and my case worker, Addy, and all that they have done for me. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. The services that they provide to me are excellent. First, they pay my health insurance premiums, which is a tremendous relief for me. I need this insurance badly, and the premiums are expensive. Then they pay my medication co-pays. Now I would like to say a few words about my case worker, Addy. She is wonderful. She helps me in every way that she possibly can. She is like a best friend to me. We can talk easily and comfortably. Besides that, she calls me very often just to see how I am doing, and if I need anything. This is a tremendous comfort for me. I don’t know what I would do without her—Project Response as well. Project Response is fortunate to have her. And I am fortunate to have Project Response and Addy on my side.


I had the pleasure of visiting an agency called “Project Response”. Since then I feel satisfied both physically and emotionally. I am so grateful with the services provided, such as: food, doctors, medicine, housing, and transportation. I appreciate the personnel and my assigned Case Manager Ms. Cortez for their gentility and amiability. Project Response is an agency that assists people living with AIDS and HIV without discrimination. I am thankful for the personnel and the wonderful support services provided by Project Response.


My story begins in January of 1999. That month I asked my husband for a divorce, and I had a routine gynecologist appointment in February. I had been going to the same gynecologist for six years, and she was aware of my marital problems—problems that involved numerous affairs. After I was married I was diagnosed with HPV and Chlamydia.

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The doctor asked if I would like a complete workup to check for STDs including HIV, and I said “yes,” never dreaming I would test positive. I was definitely unsure of the outcome for other STDs—but HIV, no way. I received a phone call on Friday from my doctor. She told me I needed to come in on Monday for my results. I asked her to give them to me over the phone and she told me that I needed to come to the office for the results. I thought it was another STD but, again, no way HIV. I will never forget the look on her face when she was giving me the results. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I jumped off the table and began hitting the walls and saying, “why me.” What had I done so awful in my life to deserve this? My mind immediately went to the thought, “I a going to die.” After I calmed down some I began asking questions. What am I supposed to do? How long do I have to live? What are people going to think? I have no insurance. I have a daughter. Who is going to take care of me? She assured me she would help me with this process. All the organizations I have come in contact with to assist with my needs have been very helpful and kind. In 1999 it seemed Project Response had many programs to assist people living with AIDS or HIV with the qualifications being minimal. Through the years I have experienced a lot of change in the program. I pay for a few of my own doctors and a few medications. I have a relationship with these doctors and they know my history and I feel comfortable with them and didn’t and don’t want to change. All my case workers through Project Response have been very helpful and fair. They have helped me understand the changes the program is going through. So I don’t argue or give them a hard time. I continue to do what is asked of me. I do appreciate all the people who have helped me through the years from various organizations affiliated with the HIV community.Content goes here

In March 5, 1990, I married a man who I believed loved me. Two months after we were married his doctor became my doctor for insurance purposes. He informed me that my husband had AIDS and that I should probably be tested. I had been testing on a regular basis; in January I tested negative. On July 19, 1990 I found out that I was positive. I found out that my husband was on the down low. I was not aware of that. My husband had some legal problems, and died in prison in 1995.

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Six months after I was diagnosed, I found out I was pregnant. My daughter is now 15 and is negative. I felt like I was the only positive woman in Michigan, but I wasn’t going out without a fight. There was no support group, so at the suggestion of my case manager I started one. I moved to North Carolina and continued to be active in an AIDS organization. I now live with my son in Florida. I have tried to be involved everywhere I’ve lived. I have talked about AIDS at youth rallies, conferences, and colleges. I have always gotten a positive response from students. If I make an impact on one person’s life, then I’ve done my job. When living in North Carolina I had been without medication for 10 months, and then was put on a new regimen. I was getting ready to move to Florida and was concerned about getting my meds. I found out about Project Response, called them, and was reassured that as long as I had a month’s worth of meds when I came down I would be covered. A week after getting down here I came in and was hooked up with a case manager, and got a referral to a doctor. Project Response has been very supportive and has helped me on several occasions. I am very pleased with the services I have received, so much so that I now volunteer. I like to stay active. It keeps me healthy to stay involved with my own treatment and I feel like I’m giving back.