Creating healthy futures for communities impacted by HIV/AIDS.

We areĀ an HIV/AIDS service organization dedicated to providing quality case management services, prevention education, and HIV testing to communities on the Space and Treasure coasts of Florida.

Like all HIV/AIDS Service organizations, Project Response involves itself in the communities that it serves, and invites the public to participate in its events. On these pages you can learn more about our upcoming events, the services we offer, how to support our work, and where else to go for information and community services. Thank you for your interest in Project Response.
Over the past year, Project Response has been hit with severe budget cuts in the areas of food and client services. We have lost over $50,000 in food services and over $20,000 in client services. If you can help any donation is appreciated. Project Response is a 501(c)3 organization.

The mission of Project Response is two-fold:

We work to enhance the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. Building upon a foundation of quality case management, we strive to open all available avenues to improved health, well being, and personal development for our clients.

We work to prevent further spread of the disease; reduce the fear, ignorance, and discrimination surrounding AIDS; and increase community support and compassion for those affected by AIDS.

Our New Website!

Project Response, INC has a new state of the art website! The website has been updated for functionality to better serve our community. We are now mobile friendly and better organized! read more